Brent T. Steadman, MD

Brent Steadman, MD

Meet Dr. Steadman

Dr. Brent Steadman has been an interventional radiology doctor for 11 years. He is passionate about treating his patients with compassion and skill. Over 11 years, he has performed more than a thousand embolization procedures.

Dr. Steadman treats women who have uterine fibroids with uterine fibroid embolization. These women avoid surgery and loss of their uterus. They are cured of the pain and suffering caused by their fibroids.

Dr. Steadman treats men who have enlarged prostates called BPH or benign prostatic hyperplasia. He performs prostate artery embolization. These men avoid major surgery and do not need foley catheters. They can urinate better after the treatment and no longer have to urinate multiple times throughout the night.

Dr. Steadman treats women who have chronic pelvic pain suffering from pelvic congestion syndrome. His treatments rid them of painful pelvic problems including frequent urination, pain with intercourse, dull and aching pelvic pain, and painful varicose veins.

Dr. Steadman treats men and women who have bleeding internal hemorrhoids. Internal hemorrhoids cause bleeding, itching, and pain. His treatment stops all of these nuisances.

Dr. Steadman treats men and women who have painful knee arthritis. These patients suffer from chronic knee pain which is not helped by medications and knee joint injections. Many of these patients do not want to have knee replacements. Dr. Steadman’s treatments relieve the arthritis pain and prevent joint replacement.

Dr. Brent Steadman is a board-certified Interventional Radiologist Doctor. He is the founder of Pittsburgh Fibroids and a member of Greater Pittsburgh Vascular Associates in Washington, Pennsylvania.

Dr. Steadman earned his MD & PhD degree at the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta, Georgia.  He completed his Diagnostic Radiology residency at Wake Forest University in Winston Salem, North Carolina.  Dr. Steadman went on to finish a Fellowship in Interventional Radiology at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. 

In his free time, Dr. Steadman enjoys spending time with his wife and three children, whitewater kayaking, mountain biking, snowboarding, and cheering for his favorite sports team, the West Virginia University Mountaineers.